I am a well established reputable breeder of Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens! I am located in Milaca, Minnesota. I have been a Breeder of Bengal Cats and Kittens since 1998 now for 20 years and could not imagine life without these Magnificent and Uniquely Amazing Animals. I also now give a 5yr congenital Health Guarantee on kittens.  

Bengal Cats are a touch of the leopard, the beauty of the wild with the heart you would expect from any devoted family pet. Bengals are very intelligent and humorous creatures. People often ask me what is the difference between Bengals and your average cat. I don't think I could even put these cats in words you just must experience one for yourself and you will then experience the uniqueness of what a Bengal really is for yourself. Once one of my babies leaves me to join your family I will be here for the duration of your Bengals life if you ever have questions, concerns or just want to talk Bengal talk and share your funny stories please dont hesitate to email, call or text me.

 The Bengal cat is a descendant from cross-breeding domestic short-hairs and Asian Leopard cats. The ALC is a small wild cat of Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. The Leopard Cat has the widest geographic distribution of all felines. It can be found in forest areas throughout Indonesia, Philippines, Borneo, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, China and Taiwan. The Asian Leopard Cat also can be found in Korea, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Their range of habitat is varied, and includes tropical forest, scrub-land, pine forest, second-growth woodland, semi-desert, and agricultural regions, especially near water sources. There are eleven subspecies of Leopard Cat. 

 I'm asked a lot, " Do Bengals get along with other breeds of cats ? Do they get along with children and dogs also ? " The answer is yes. Just like any other cat, if they are brought up with love and subject to these other  things then they accept them just like any other part of the family. 

 All Cats / Kittens sold as pets will be under a  legal binding spay/neuter contract. ALL Animals to be altered no later then 5 months old or as early as 10 weeks. If you are interested in breeding, please do your research. I will not sell breeding cats to anyone who does not show sufficient knowledge about the breed and good breeding practices and ample room.

 There is a common misconception that Bengals are large cats. Not so, they range within the same size of a domestic house cat.  Females generally range from 7-10 pounds and males from 9-12 pounds. However, it is not uncommon for a male to reach up to 14-18 pounds.

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