Bringing baby home

When kittens leave here, it can be scary for them. Think how he/she must feel. Mom and siblings are all gone. The only home they have ever known is gone. Now they have a whole big house , new people they don’t know, and sometimes new animals and children. Everything is a new smell and cats/dogs rely on smell. It can be a big scary world when your life has been turned upside down and you don’t know why.

So it’s best to give kitty one room to stay in for a little bit for several reasons:

1. First it is less overwhelming. Kittens do not have a whole house to get to know early on. 

2. They can find their litter box and food/water easily while they are adjusting. 

3. The new family they just aquired can give lots of attention without having to wonder what couch, bed or crevice the kitten is hiding under.

4. You can give LOTS of love while kitty is in this room for the first few days. It will mold his/her personality forever. Remember they have a child’s mind just in a kitty body and crucial learning and bonding occurs at this young age. 

5. This is a good time to keep those nails trimmed once a week so early on they get used to you doing it. It will be done the day before kitty leaves here. It takes me about 30 seconds to trim all front toes with a finger nail clipper. The nails start getting sharp again in another 7-10 days.

Generally your bengal kitten will get along with other cats and dogs just fine. It’s important for you to just be there for the kitty and take it slow. Don’t get upset when your current cat hisses and make sure he/she also gets extra love in the transition. Remember that cats are territorial and solitary animals in the wild so they will need to figure out how to live together. Don’t let the dog chase the kitten around the house. If necessary put him/her on leash for the first few meetings. Keep an eye on young children when handling the new baby. I’ve heard stories too many times of kittens jumping into a dryer, slammed in a fridge door, being suffocated in a plastic bag , crawling into open fireplaces, squished under reclining chairs, being poisoned by plants, finding things on the floor to swallow, biting through electric cords, jumping in a freezer, getting stepped on or, jumping on to the cement floor from your arms. Most of the time the kittens did not survive this. Cats are inquisitive and very fast and you don’t even know what’s happening ‘til its too late. Prevention is always the best strategy.

People ask if there is anything I think they need after they take kitty home. I believe all cats need cat trees/condos. Cats love height, they love to climb and it’s natural to scratch. I have cat condo's in my home for my cats and every cat in my cattery has carpeted shelves and posts to run on, scratch and climb. If you don’t have equipment for kitty to exercise in these ways he/she will need to find other things to take its place - probably your furniture or window treatments. And that is not always acceptable to the rest of the family. You cannot blame a cat for being a cat. So if you can accommodate kitty a little bit, it will help tremendously. Cat trees/condos don’t have to be expensive and they don’t have to be huge. One hardly knows it’s in the corner and my cats LOVE it. Ebay also has lots of affordable ones and Fleet Farm also. 

 If they are to scared to eat the first day, moist food - or even better, chicken - usually does the trick. 

You have a new baby. Enjoy and love him/her and every thing you give will be returned many times over.

If you ever have questions or concerns. please don’t hesitate to call or email - even in years to come. 

Do NOT forget your cat carrier when picking up kitty. I keep them on hand for $25 if you need one.